First Russian Congenital Aniridia Conference 2-4 july 2015, Moscow

First Russian Congenital Aniridia Conference 2-4 July 2015, Moscow

Organizers: Russian Aniridia Patient Support Society "Interregional Support center for patients with Aniridia "Iris""

Support is provided by Russian Interregional Orphan Disease Society (, Medical Center " Childhood city" (

Target audience: scientists and doctors working with aniridia, pediatric ophthalmologists, doctors, teachers and psychologists working in kindergartens and schools with visually impaired children, associations for blind and visually impaired people, families of patients with aniridia, psychologists working with visually impaired patients.

Major subjects:

1. Genetic, surgical, pediatric aspects of congenital aniridia, secondary glaucoma, aniridia fibrosis syndrome and aniridia keratopathy. Modern achievements, sharing knowledge and experience about congenital aniridia treatment

2. Dialogue between patients and doctors about problems of congenital aniridia

3. Communication of congenital aniridia patients and their families


1. Leading Russian, American, European,Canadian  scientists and doctors working in the field of aniridia

2. Patients with aniridia and their families

3. Aniridia patient support society chiefs from various countries

Plan of conference:

3.07.2015 -presentation of doctors and scientists

2.07.2015, 4.07.2015- we are planing the  charity diagnostic screening for aniridia patients would be accomplished on the premises of diagnostic unit of GMS clinic in Moscow. Also ophthalmic geneticist consultation would be provided as well as blood specimen collection for later genetic analysis. Prior online booking for this service is mandatory on


 Russian Aniridia Patient Support Society,; e-mail:, +201001116338, +79613430035, Gening Galina, skype: galina_ramy