About us

Russian Interregional public organization "Inter-regional support center for patients with aniridia   " Iris, "" was registered in Cheboksary, Chuvash Republic, Russia. Since 2013, our organization has become a member of Aniridia Europe. www.aniridia.eu

The objectives of the our Organization are:
- Ensuring a dignified status of life of patients with aniridia;
- Social and psychological support for people with Aniridia;
-Assist in the social and labor adaptation of people with aniridia;
-Promoting the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and scientific research in Aniridia;
-Personal contacts, communication between the members of the Organization, mutual support and assistance;
-Protection of the common interests of its members;
-Promote a climate of activism of its members;
-Promotion of the legal framework in the field of health;
-Facilitate the implementation of humanitarian and peace initiatives of public and state organizations, projects and programs of international and national development;
-The development of comprehensive cooperation between civil society organizations and public health, promoting communication between science, education and practice;
-Promotion of democracy and transparency, scientific validity, study and improve the practice of law;

President of the Оrganization is Gening Galina.

Executive director  is Gening Esmeralda.

The organization has created a Scientific Committee. 

 Members of the Scientific Committee :

1.Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Vadim Bondar .Moscow

2. MD, Professor of ophthalmology, geneticist-ophthalmologist , specialist of congenital eye disease,  Research Center for Medical Genetics , Russian Academy of SciencesMD, Khlebnikova Olga. Moscow

3.Scientific Associate, Laboratory of Genetic Epidemiology, Research Centre for Medical Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences,  Tatyana Vasilyeva.Mosow

4.Pediatric neurologist Klochko Natalya. Tumen

5.Ph.D in Psychology, president of Russian Interregional public organization"Inter-regional support center for patients with aniridia "Iris"",Gening Galina

6.Pediatr, Head of Pediatrics department  at Children's Hospital No1 Cheboksary Kustova Valentina.

7. Pediatric surgeon ophthalmologist Pavlenko Valeriy .Moscow


At the moment, the Organization has 31 offices in Russia and 7 representatives in other countries.